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Big Announcements Coming Soon At Tioc Pro


25 Jan 2023

Some big news coming your way soon in regards to the Tioc Pro project.

Over the next couple of weeks there will be some big news dropping at Tioc Pro, so be sure to keep an eye out! There will be some content added to this site as well as a few other things in the pipeline in regards to project utility and revenue generation. Tioc's original vision was to create a secure crypto project where it didnt rug, the project team didn't shaft the investors and something which had rewards. Now that has become a reality, the team (especially Tioc himself) are aiming to evolve the project and make it a real contender in the crypto space with an abundance of utility.

We started adding to our utility with the new Charity initiative which you can find here and also the Treasury wallet which allows us help out and support other projects, especially those on the POM (proof of memes) chain.

We will continue to evolve. We don't stop.

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