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Wild West Leprechauns

Limited Edition NFT Collection

The 150-piece limited leprechaun collection of Tioc pro is to celebrate entering the wild west Meta, each NFT gives you access to direct revenue from the Tioc pro saloon game. Click below to mint one and see further below for more information! 10K POM Per Mint.



The Leprechaun has always been considered the grantor of Luck. When settlers travelled across an unknown ocean from the heartland of Ireland, they knew not what would become of them. A new land filled with opportunity and no boundaries was seen on the horizon.


encompasses the heart and soul of a people destined for greatness. This collection holds true to the origins of Ireland with a hint of the Wild West. Inclusion for all.


Add a little "Luck" to your collection with one or two of the hottest NFT's releasing in the WWMF today! 

The TIOC Table Game will pay each NFT 0.66% and more with additional build inclusions in the weeks and months to come. 

151 NFT's available TODAY!


Mint is 2pm EST USA
7pm UTC (Ireland)
10,000 POM / Mint 
31st January 2023
Get your NFT’s before they run out!!!

About The Collection

A special thanks goes out to Dark Lurker from Darksea for creating the NFT collection! Check them out here.

Special Thanks

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