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Tioc Pro Roadmap

As the project develops and progresses, so will the roadmap itself.

Project Launched 15th December 2022

Fair Launch

Project fair launched on the POM network successfully.

Launch TG & Discord

Successful creation of Telegram and Discord groups.

Get Listed on Astrospaces

Successfully get enough votes on Astrospaces to get officialy listed and a free Shoutout on Twitter.

Reach 10k Marketcap

The project reaches $10,000 market cap.

Launch Official Website

The official website for Tioc Pro is launched.

Reach 20k Marketcap

The project reaches $20,000 market cap.

Get To 30k Marketcap

The project reaches $30,000 market cap.

Setup of Treasurary Wallet

As volume increases the project will create a treasurary wallet, the aim of this will be to support other projects, which investors will have access to view.

Automated Buy System

Once enough Volume is reached a automated buy system will be setup to allow for steady chart & liquidity increase without the risk of pump and dumping.

Big Marketing Push

Once enough holders, volume and marketing funds have built up, the team will initiate a massive marketing push.

Constantly Grow

The main goal is to constantly grow the community and break multiple ATH's whilst enjoying the PUSD rewards and helping out other projects!

Get Listed on CMC & Gecko

Get listed on coin market cap and Coin Gecko.

As the project progresses so will the roadmap, at the moment we are in the building phase with solid PUSD rewards.

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