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Tioc Treasury

One of the main goals when setting up Tioc was bringing the community together and supporting other projects. With the Tioc Treasury we can use the taxes installed on our project to fund other projects and help with volume for both parties. The more volume Tioc Pro has, the more we can support other projects and the current running Charity.

Eventually once volume pics up and Tioc Pro grows larger, there will be multiple projects on our Treasury roster.

Image by upklyak on Freepik

Featured Treasury Project


The Wild West Token (WWT) is a community driven token that aims to reward investors via multiple avenues, including a wild west themed NFT collection. We are pleased to announce the Wild West Token is our first Treasury project! Check out their project below.

Treasury Wallet: 0x38bde4c86C3eE7C424B464571FFF26CFa34eBFD7

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